Our Senior Staff

"It is all about leadership."

John Foster


John Foster assumed the position as President of Newport Meat of Nevada, FKA Desert Meats, in 2014 from Buckhead Beef. His experience, relationships, and his abilities to assist in sourcing, negotiating, auditing (product/vendor performance) and purchasing (contract, spot market, or program evaluation) represent strong benefits to our business from the Packer to the Plate. Passionate about turning challenges into opportunities, John Foster provides the leadership and support to help our team succeed, from the processing rooms, through our purchasing, sales, warehouse, and delivery departments, to your table. Contact John at John.Foster@newportmeat.com

Raymond Morehouse

VP of Sales and Marketing

With 30 years of overall experience in the meat industry, Raymond continued his 10 year tenure with Sysco (Buckhead Beef Atlanta) when he joined our success team in Nevada in 2014. His experience also includes profit management, sales, production and operations. Winner of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission Award, Raymond's extensive knowledge of the market makes him a valuable asset. 

Contact Raymond at Raymond.Morehouse@newportmeat.com

Marty McDougall

VP of Purchasing

A native of Iowa, Marty has been in the protein industry since 1985, from working at Cargill Meat Solutions to JBS Swift & Company, just to name a couple prior to him landing in Sin City. Here at Newport Meat of Nevada, Marty executes our protein procurement programs in support of Newport Meat of Nevada's business strategy and plan, identifying suppliers and arranging optimal contracts in terms of supply availability, price, capacity, and quality. Marty anticipates business requirements and the demand of our clients. Contact Marty at Marty.McDougall@newportmeat.com

Jocelyn Magno

Business Development Manager

With the company since 2001, Jocelyn has grown with it as a generalist and today she concentrates on our Sysco Partners as Director of Business Development. Over 15 years, Jocelyn has also obtained parallel experience as a personal chef and caterer, which makes her a key contributor to the center of the plate wholesale/inter-company sales as our a Certified Angus Beef Brand Specialist and an immeasurable asset to our company. Contact Jocelyn at Jocelyn.Magno@newportmeat.com

Chere'Lynn Kern

Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Chere'Lynn assures the quality of our products and processes by establishing and enforcing quality standards, testing materials and inspecting equipment. She establishes in-process product inspection standards by studying processing methods, devising testing methods and procedures. Chere'Lynn insures that the Company maintains all federal and governmental Health and Safety Departments standards and requirements of product quality control. Contact Chere'Lynn at Chere'Lynn.Kern@newportmeat.com

Scott Marshall

Production Manager

A veteran in the meat and protein industry, Scott has worked at large food and beverage retail stores as well as Hotel Resorts in Las Vegas. At Newport Meat of Nevada, he is responsible for the planning, scheduling, managing, coordination and management of the meat processing and packing rooms. Scott is also in charge of our state of the art Dry Aging Room, where he carefully controls all aspects of the process in order to bring the best dry aged meats locally produced to your table. Contact Scott at Scott.Marshall@newportmeat.com