Our Commitment to the Enviroment

The Newport Meat of Nevada team is committed to sustainability through our own business practices as well as  those who we source our products from.

We thrive on sourcing natural and sustainable meats from farmers who respectfully raise beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry such as Compart Family Farms, Mary´s Free Range®, Diestel Ranch® Turkey, Rosewood Ranches, Double R Ranch, Salmon Creek Pork, Joyce Farms, and Bartels Farm & Hartley Ranch.

Because we live in the desert, we must have the utmost respect for our arid environment and its resources as well as its limitations. 

In efforts to reduce the impact our business has on such environment, Newport Meat has implemented recycling programs for cardboard and plastic and installed motion sensor lighting in our coolers and sky lights in various areas of the building to conserve electricity, we have sealed the facility internal grounds with low maintenance flooring. We also use only biodegradable cleaners in our processing rooms.  

We have a close water cooling system which, by running distilled water with 40% food grade Propylene Glycol, it is capable of cooling the packing machines by re-circulating the water. That saves us approximately 50 thousand gallons of water per month!  

On-going and future projects include the installation of commercial Solar Power Panels and substituting grass on the surrounding areas of the building for Xeriscape, a special type of landscape design that involves the strategic use of native plants as a means conserving water. 

Our company is dedicated to constantly search for solutions to minimize waste and conserve energy in all forms through improving our business practices and sourcing from those who support the same mentality. 

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