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John Foster's Bio

John Foster assumed the position as General Manager at Newport Meat Nevada, FKA Desert Meats, in 2014.

Big believers in Product Integrity and Excellence in Customer Service, John Foster and the Desert Meats team support all efforts to deliver the best protein products available in the market today to your restaurant table.

A Graduate from The University of Texas in 1991, John is no stranger to the protein industry, starting in the meat packing industry with Cargill in 1984, then moving into food service in 1992. He was involved with new product development, vendor/customer relationships marketing and procurement. He then worked with end users to locate new and innovative menu ideas to move volume through distribution.

From “the meat buyer” in 1992, John Foster became President/CEO of Buckhead Beef in 2005, one of the largest portion control facilities in the United States, at the early age of 42.

Before joining Buckhead Beef, John had already developed strong professional and personal relationships since 1984 at one of the largest meat packers in the world, Cargill/Excel. Beginning his career at Excel gave him firsthand knowledge of what is required to produce and deliver high quality beef and pork products. These relationships and experience helped John and his team at Buckhead Beef create the fast paced, explosive growth and results observed by the industry through the 1990’s and beyond.

Today, the current market is unpredictable and the past 5-8 years has seen its share of volatility. John’s experience, relationships, and his abilities to assist in Sourcing, Negotiating, Auditing (product/vendor performance) and Purchasing (contract, spot market, or program evaluation) represent strong benefits to our business from the Packer to the Plate.

Passionate about turning challenges into opportunities, John Foster provides the leadership and support to help our team succeed, from the Processing Rooms, through our Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse, and Delivery Departments, to your table.

To contact John Foster, please email foster.john@desertmeats.sysco.com or go to www.desertmeatslv.com