Pork Belly

Pork belly is a boneless cut of fatty meat from the belly of a pig.  For slow roast pork belly the meat is baked at a moderate temperature for up to three hours to tenderise it, coupled with periods of approximately twenty minutes at a high temperature at the beginning or end of the cooking period to harden off the rind or 'crackling'. For barbecued belly pork the meat is seasoned and slow cooked in a pan by indirect heat on a covered barbecue, on a bed of mixed vegetables to which apple cider is added. Heat is again varied to produce tender meat with hard crackling.

Italian Chefs call it Pancetta or Porchetta that is pork belly meat salt cured and spiced with black pepper and sometimes other spices. The two basic types of pancetta are the arrotolata (rolled) and stesa (flat). The arrotolata, salted, is mainly cut in thin slices and eaten as part of antipasti or simply as component of a sandwich; the stesa is often used chopped as ingredient in many recipes, or cut in thick stripes, that are usually eaten grilled. 

Desert Meats offers a selection of Pork Bellies, Skin On or Skinless.

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