Credit & Return Policy

At Sysco Companies, our approach to credits and re­turns is simple and aimed at unquestionable customer satisfaction. We ask, as part of our cooperative commitment and dedication to improving consumer food safety, that our customers comply with our Credit & Return Policy. 

• Benefits of Our Credit & Return Policy:

1. Ensures product wholesomeness & quality;

2. Reduces product loss;

3. Speeds the processing of credits;

4. Assures that all product handling is compliant with HACCP, USDA, FDA, OSHA and HAZMAT requirements;

5. Reduces the risk that a tampered damaged or unwholesome product could be redistributed to another customer.

6. Checking your order upon pick up at will call or home delivery provides you with an opportunity to request credit immediately only if under the following circumstances:

     - If a product is charged for, but not included in your delivery;

     - If the product you've received differs from your order;

     - If a product is partially damaged.

• Check your Order at Will Call Window: It is your (customer) responsibility to check your order at the time of Pick Up at Will Call. A Newport Meats of Nevada representative will be there to assist you. Product cannot be returned after it is taken from our premises. 

• Product Returns AFTER Home Delivery & Product Integrity Guidelines:

1. TIME:

     Any returns & credit requests MUST be made within 48 hours from the time you've received your product. 


      Keep all perishable returns stored at proper temperature to maintain product integrity and wholesomeness.

• Frozen Items ............................................... 0 -10o F

• Fresh Meat & other perishable items ... 28-34o F


    Products are returnable for full credit ONLY when they are in the original package free of markings or damage, and within the specified return time frame and temperature guidelines listed above. 

• Fresh Meat & Poultry:

To limit the risk of cross contamination with other food products, fresh meat and poultry must be returned in the original sealed container and stored at all times, within the required temperature range. 

• Special Order (Non-Stock) Items:

Non-stock order items that have been purchased especially for you can't be resold; therefore, they are NOT returnable except when damaged or of questionable quality at time of delivery.